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Increase Spend Per Customer

Increase The Spend Per Customer In an earlier post I discussed understanding you cost per acquisition (CPA) and the revenue and profit generated from each customer every year. You can only increase the annual spend per in one of two ways. 1. Increase the frequency...

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Win More Customers

Win More Customers Before you take on any new customers take time to establish your ideal customer. Look at your existing customer base, what were their issues before they became customers, what decision process did they go through in deciding to select you. If you...

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Only Three Ways To Grow Your Business

There Are Only Three Ways To Grow Your Business Business growth is one of the most widely discuss topics amongst entrepreneurs. It is a subject that is very always on the minds of business owners and start-ups alike. In fact one could argue that growth is the most...

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Business Growth

Business Growth Strategies Why did you decide to go into business? What were your expectations when you first started the business, or if you intend to start a new business how do you see the business developing over the coming months and years? No matter what type of...

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Customer Segmentation

1. Customer Segmentation Customer segmentation is essential in any business and underpins pretty much every other business growth strategy. It is not just about segmenting your list into male/female, customers/prospects or trade customer/retail customer. It is about...

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Become An Industry Leader

2. Become a Leader in Your Industry Earlier on we asked the question ‘why are you in business’, your answer may have been ‘To be the best in my industry, to offer a better product/service than the existing suppliers’ Whatever your reasoning always aim to be the leader...

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